Pepsi is known for their amazing commercials that almost look like a feature film on their own. And they’re also known for casting major superstars to star in them, so it comes as no surprise that Pepsi Mexico chose Santos Laguna star Oribe Peralta to be the new face of the season.

It starts with the football player sitting down with midfielder Marco Fabián and enjoying a Pepsi, when the latter asks Oribe what would he have been if he weren’t a sports star. Oribe doesn’t have to think too much about it before he replies: “Galán de telenovelas” or a telenovela hottie.

Queue dream sequence, and Fabián starts imagining Oribe Peralta as Aarón Díaz, known for being a hot Mexican telenovela actor. He pictures all the crazy scandals that he would be a part of, and the nicknames that people would call him, for example, “El hermoso Peralta” (the beautiful Peralta), and the frenzy he would create everywhere he went.

After Fabián comes out of his dream, Aarón Díaz shows up and greets the football players and tells Peralta that if he hadn’t been an actor, he would’ve loved to be a football player just like him.

This video has gone viral and in just a couple of days has over 200,000 views on YouTube.

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