Kate del Castillo's Tweets Do More Damage Than Good

Kate del Castillo and Aaron Díaz are facing the biggest public relations crisis of their marriage.

Magazines, blogs, tweeter posts and gossip shows have devoted themselves all this week to rumoring about the couple’s apparent imminent separation.

The cause seems evident; both, Kate and Aaron have kept working nonstop during most of 2010 and 2011 in different continents. Kate has been starring in the hit TV series “La Reina del Sur” in Spain, and although it already wrapped, she has been promoting it in several different countries.

Aaron has also kept busy back in Mexico starring on the soap opera “Teresa”, recording his album (which included the main theme for “Teresa”) and even posing for a photo calendar. Recently he has been preparing to shoot the TV series “Chanoc”

All this has gotten the Mexican press busy investigating if an official separation might be inevitable.

Usually, when rumors circulate like this, theyre mostly not true… Yet what set off the real alarm was not the gossip, but rather, Kate del Castillo‘s reaction.

The actress, who’s usually incredibly private and never shares or discusses her private life in public, instead of ignoring the rumors and keep going on about her life, decided to devote herself these past few days to post on Twitter several pictures of her and Aaron apparently relaxing in their home in California.

On June 14 the Mexican actress tweeted a pic taken from a balcony, where you can see Aaron, far away sunbathing by the pool.

In another tweet Kate said,

“We send you a kiss from our home with love”

In the picture (above), Kate hugs Aaron, who seems to be taking a nap. The actress smiles at the camera while Aaron keeps his eyes closed, indifferent to the picture.

What sets off all the alarms is the fact that Kate herself would be so interested in shushing the rumors.

Yesterday, she re tweeted a post by People en Español in which the magazine informs their readers about the tweets.

Our take? We think Kate is looking desperate this time, doing some heavy-duty damage control….  The thing is, you don’t do damage control when there’s no damage in the first place!

Kate should learn about gossip victim pro’s  Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The pair has been victim of separation forecasters for years. Their reaction? None whatsoever! They don’t post pics, they don’t react to gossip.

They might or might not have problems as a couple, yet we’ll only know the day they actually separate! And that’s the way it’s done!


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