Aaron Diaz: “I Can Sleep Before A Plane Takes Off And Wake Up When It Lands"

In this Sunday’s episode of ABC’s hit show Pan Am, Mexican actor Aaron Diaz will guest star as a frequent flyer who is on a first name basis with the group of stewardesses who work at the iconic airline. In real life, Diaz flies just as often, but he’s found a way to pass the time while he’s traveling—sleep! “I can sleep before a plane takes off and I can wake up when it lands,” says Diaz. “I don’t have a problem with it.” See what else Aaron told us about his role on Pan Am, which airs this Sunday at 10/9c.

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Tell us about your role in Pan Am!

I play an entrepreneur named Miguel who’s a frequent flyer with the airline. He’s on a trip from New York to Caracas, Venezuela and something happens on the plane and they have to land in Haiti. Miguel is pretty upset with the situation and that’s when everything happens…I’m not going to tell you what, because I want you to watch this Sunday!

Did you have fun working on the show?

It was a fun character to play. It’s something different. What I usually look for in a role is different characters and when I read the script for this, I thought it was very different from everything I’ve done. It was nice working with the cast—everybody was lovely. And you can tell the show’s doing pretty well because everybody had a smile on their face. It’s a nice vibe when you’re there.

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Is your character Miguel a love interest for one of the ladies?

They do know him because he’s a frequent flyer and he invites them somewhere…he does have a relationship with them, definitely.

Do you like flying in real life?

I do it all of the time, so it’s not about whether you like it or not—you just have to do it. {Laughs}. When I shot Pan Am, I was shooting something in Miami—a new telenovela for Univison called Talisman—so I had to go back and forth almost every other day. It was hard, but it helped me get into character—even though it’s very different to fly nowadays than it was back in the day, which was in 1963. Everything was more elegant in general. But yeah, flying is part of what we do as actors. Actually, I can sleep before a plane takes off and I can wake up when it lands. So I don’t have a problem with it.

Your working in English now, but most people know you from the telenovela Teresa. Are you looking to crossover into English-language projects full-time?

Yeah. I will always do what my heart tells me. Right now, I’m going to play a villain in the new telenovela Talisman—it’s the first time I’m going to play a villain so that’s going to be lots of fun! And then after this, yeah, we’ll definitely look for more projects in English.

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